Friday, September 5, 2008

Raising your Search Engine Position with Back Links

Raising your Search Engine Position with Back Links is one of the best ways to raise your search engine placement and increase your popularity. If your site isn't that popular yet or you recently launched it and you don't know how to make it popular, this will help you out and maybe point you in the right direction. If not you can always go and pay some guy or girl in their mom's basement a few hundred dollars and have him or her do it for you.

Of course you wouldn't know they were in "mom's basement". The main reason you wouldn't know that is perception. If they are worth there salt they would have a well built well positioned web site that would promote them as being some Fortune 500 Company. That they are willing to share all the tried and proven "secrets" that they have for SEO. First off if some one is offering SEO secrets you should be a bit on edge. There are no SEO secrets left out there. There are better ways of looking at the online game of marketing but no secrets. I don't own a Fortune 500 Company but I do very well in page placement in search engines. I gain many #1's and when I don’t get #1 or front page I rarely fall past page 2. I approach the marketing world with something that many of the real big boy's in the world do. I use common sense. Of course my father always told me, "the most common thing about common sense is that most people don't have any."

One of those "Mega Marketing Company" SEO Secrets is back linking. It's not rocket science I assure you. I tested this on several of my sites and it performs very well. I gained on average 2 Google Ranking Points after running this program as well as doubled and in some cases tripled my site traffic.

Web Directory Entries.

Basically web directories are a lists of businesses and services that people can use. There are many types of directories such as free, paid reciprocal link directories. I would recommend going for free directories first. Most of these directories require you to find the proper directory to place your site in. The more discriminating the directory site, the better the ranking you will receive. Be careful not to get locked or linked in with a link farm. Link farms are looked at like spam sites and will actually hurt your ranking by your being associated with that particular directory. If the directory has set standards that you need to meet and a review process is required before you can be accepted, there is a good chance that the directory is a respectable one.

Article Marketing.

To take advantage of this type of marketing you will need to write regular articles about your industry. You will then need to distribute the articles to directories that will allow you to put a link with in and at the bottom of your article. In addition to gaining a link from every article you post back to your site there is another advantage to this type of marketing. Many people use article directories for information. Your article will be read by people that are interested in your industry. If you did your job well and wrote a good article that was informative and compelling they will follow the link bringing traffic and possible sales to your site. There is a hook here. You have baited the hook. Now you have to set it and real it in.

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