Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hello folks.

I tend to Ramble on and Blather about many different topics. It takes me time but I generally get to the point and will have the majority of readers following along on the way. As I said before sometimes it takes me a little bit longer to get to the point but in many ways I think that can be a plus as I explore more views and thoughts along the way than most of my counterparts. I have never been a fan of the mass and sea of bloggers out there and find that most are not qualified to write a how to on flushing a toilet. I will strive to post well guided and thought intense posts tot his blog as I don’t want to fall into the same pit with the rest of them.

I own and operate several websites and hove done so for over seven years now with a couple. I have explored many different advertising avenues and platforms along the way. I have found ways to become profitable and many ways to not become profitable. I will more than likely share those ideas and thoughts here as there is no reason why other should have to suffer along in the same manner as I did while stumbling through and trying to make money on line. Webmasters you are welcome to link, post or respond to this and add your two cents as well - just do me a favor and don’t leave any pocket lint.

In addition to owning and operating several websites I also co-own and operate a game server company. Here is another deep pit you can fall into. Many people start a game server expecting to invest a small amount of cash and sit back while you reap the rewards of a small amount of invested time and work. Wrong. One of the Game Server companies I co-own has been around for a few years and we recently have begun to break even. I have redesigned the site several times over, built new platforms and modified the games that are offered so that they were totally custom. None of those ideas worked. Until recently. This is something else I will more than likely share here so that those of you who are thinking of starting a Game Server Community wont have as many trials and tribulations as I did. Game admin, players and the likes you are welcome to link in here and post your thoughts and or recommendations. We may even perform a little experiment on one of our sites and see just how we can affect traffic patterns with different variations of marketing. SEO and all that with an experimentation approach. That way we can see what happens with different implementations.

Beyond all of that I enjoy music. I prefer unsigned acts or rather Bands that have the talent and the drive but not the backing. I have found many of those type bands all over the United States and in Europe and will attempt to share some of my thoughts and opinions on those as well. Bands and musicians - I wonder how many of you we can get involved here?

Beyond that I will simply try to have a bit of fun here with out loosing the point or loosing you to much along the way. Of course this may be a completely over zealous thought as I have no readers or even prospects right now - but we shall see what we can do about that. This could turn into a fun little experiment in social marketing. I have always enjoyed a challenge.

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