Monday, December 15, 2008

One Full Shopping week to go

Here we are folks, it’s almost Christmas 2008. As we look out at the economic landscape and wonder what we can afford to put under the tree this year, the retailers of America are wondering what they can do to get things out of there stores!

America is sitting in a recession and the average shopper is a little more leery of parting with the small amount of money that they have. With job security low and the economic forecast bleak to be kind, American retailers are looking at the worst holiday sales figures they have seen in decades by most accounts. Toy stores, video game retailers, electronics shops and clothing stores have to find a way to make the merchandise they had purchased in preparation for the holidays move out the door and off there books.

So how will the retailers get the American consumers to part with the little bit of money that they have? Simple, they are going to run sales on a massive scale.

As the clock ticks down we will see sales to the tune of 40, 50, 60 and even 75% discounts from the suggested retail prices on all most anything you can think of. The more threatened a store is that the bottom line dollar figures they need to maintain to pay staff and distributors the deeper they will slash the cost to the consumer.

This coming weekend will see the onslaught of massive mega sales. As the days dwindle to the Christmas holiday you will see BoGo’s on an epic scale. Online e-tailers will not want to be left out of the mix and you will see free shipping and deep discounts there as well, though the opportunity to have those gifts under the tree for Christmas morning are starting to fade.

Though we were planning on performing the majority of our holiday shopping weeks ago, we held off knowing full well that the discounts had not yet surface to there full potential. We plan on running our full Christmas shopping list over the next 7 days, with the majority of our concentrated purchasing being performed on next Monday when we suspect the true retailer panic should be at a historic level.