Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sarah Palin talks with French President Sarkozy

The McCain / Palin campaign confirms the GOP vice-presidential candidate was taken-in by a prank call from a Canadian comedians, the Masked Avengers posing as the French president Nicholas Sarkozy.

Have a listen to the Prank here!

Does this mean now that Palin has met and is willing to meet without preconditions with world leaders? She said they could go hunting after all. Is this just one more example of here differing from the McCain policy?

Palin: “This is Sarah”

Caller One: “Uh yeah, Governor Palin”

Palin: “Hellooo”

Caller one: “Uh just hold on for President Sarkozy, one moment”

Palin: “Oh, it’s not him yet Betsy, I always do that.”

Caller Two: “Yes, yes hello Governor Palin”

Palin: “I’ll just have people hand it to me right when it’s them”

Caller two: “Yes hello Mrs. Governor”"

Palin: “Hello, this is Sarah, How are you?”

Caller two: “Fine and you? This is Nicholas Sarkozy speaking, how are you?”

Palin: “Ooooooh, so good. It’s so good to hear you. Thank you for calling us.”

Caller two: “Oh it’s a pleasure”

Palin: “Thank you sir. We have such great respect for you, John McCain and I. We love you! And thank you spending a few minutes to talk to, … me!“

Wow. Gotcha Media Strikes again! How did the Palin staff who has never let her near reporters let this call through?

During her five minute and fifty seven second conversation she told the caller that she might make a good president in eight years. Palin also discussed politics and even took at shot at hunting with Vice President Cheney. When the caller said they could go hunting as long as they don’t bring Cheney she said ”No, I’ll be a careful shot”.

She not even phased by the references that the caller made to outlandish people and things such as Marcel the guy with bread under his arm pit! They even told her that they “loved the documentary they made of her life, you know Hustlers Nailing Palin?” To which she replied “Oh good, thank you. Yes”

The caller went on to say “That was really edgy.”

Palin responded: “Well good.”

Caller two: ”I really loved you.”

This is too funny - she could not have been pulled in this bad. She could not have that little mental capacity that she wouldn’t catch on before they let her in on the prank.

The masked Avengers! Palinized Palin!

In the end she spent 5 minutes and 57 seconds and she never knew she was being punked until they told her. She had no clue and in fact continued to exude the wow factor of speaking with the President of France.

I wonder if her staffer still has a job?

If one voice can change the world for Obama One Viagra can change the world for McCain!

The most telling part of the phone call was her tone of voice after the phone was handed back over to Betsy. Listen carefully. Betsy say it isn’t so. We’ve been pranked, turn it off!

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