Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cyber Monday Electronics Deals

Here comes Monday!
The Monday following Thanksgiving has become traditionally known as Cyber Monday just as the Friday following Thanksgiving is knows as Black Friday. Both days receive special attention from retailers.

Black Friday received attention from traditional brick and mortar style retailers with deep sales and discounts starting off at ridiculous hours in the morning. Sales that normally result in injuries and fights and the worst in human nature being projected upon one another.

Cyber Monday receives special attention for the on line stores or e-tailors with deep discounts, free shipping offers and more!. These sales also offer more savings as you don't have to drive to shop, spend hours fighting your way through the crowd of hostile people, and the chance of being trampled as you enter the store are remote at best. My family and I have done the majority of our holiday shopping this way for a few years now and have never had a problem. But I can remember a few years back getting hold of the last Elmo on a shelf and having to fend of would be robbers all the way to the register. One even tried to take it out of my wife's arms as she tried to return to the cart with it. The best part was when the kids opened the gifts and found Elmo, he was there best friend - for about an hour and a half. A few years later we brought ourselves to donate Elmo to the Salvation Army as even the two younger boys really didn't have any interest in Elmo.

That experience taught us allot. The values and nature of a person whom is hunting for there holiday prize can and will be totally different than there normal personality. Of course if the are ill natured to begin with I would assume that they would only become worse of a person. So we avoid the situations except for the few rare items which we either can not find online or just don't feel comfortable buying off the Internet. Those items are really not out there this year but, I think you understand what I mean.

My wife and I have been running web based retail sites also known as e-Tailors since 2001. We receive many offers that other web sites just don't receive because we have had long standing relationships with these companies. So in the spirit of the holidays I am putting together lists of deep discounts and available Cyber Monday deals and sales that are being and will be offered.

So here we go with the Cyber Monday Electronics deals and sales

TigerDirect is an on line e-tailor of electronics goods of all kinds. HDTV's, Computers, Stereos, MP3 players, video players, Audio Equipment and even software. They have some pretty good discounts running and they run a special instead of Black Friday they call it Pink Friday. They Support and donate a portion of every purchase to the Susan G Komen for the Cure campaign and fund. The only problem is you have to act fast. They have high volume sales and sell out quickly on the top items. When they sell out, they list it immediately on there website. The Cyber Monday / Pink Friday deals run untill NOON on Monday! The sale is available at the "PINK FRIDAY" link below!


Here is a page which shows a List of 6 of the Best Deals of the Week at TigerDirect and also a page that shows 9 overstock or liquidation items that are on deep discount at TigerDirect Overstock/Liquidation - Limited Time Only!

Now over at OverStock or the Great big "O" they are running Electronics sales also. Here are a few of the best ones they are running as well as the actual Cyber Monday page link (The Cyber Monday sale does not start untill Monday Morning at 12:00:00 Midnight.)

10% off Digital Cameras & Camcorders at! Offer valid 11.27 to 12.01, Inc.
This link will take you to the Cyber Monday Sale Landing Page at Overstock. It has not been activated yet but will go live at 12:00:00 monday morning at Midnight. If you click through right now you will just get a message that reads "Come back Monday, December 1st for unbelievable savings!" and I have inside information that says the deals will be good ones!

Now over at Wal-Mart you can Shop Electronics Special Buys! Or you can Save on Top Brand Electronics at Walmart! Don't forget in true Wal-Mart fashion you can Save even more with Top Rated Electronics on Rollback!

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