Thursday, November 13, 2008

Chickapedia the 6000 chick database

Sooner or later someone was going to get a bright idea and mashup a live and user editable wiki with a list of the hottest women on the planet. Chickipedia is born.

Chickapedia bills itself as the world's largest web-based, wiki database of hot chicks on the planet. The Chickapedia lists a chick bio page per chick. There is of course a profile complete with an image, multiple photos, and if the chick has reached the Hollywood level of chickdom her page will even list movie posters and movie archive and magazine covers along with a chick’s achievement list.

At current there are just over 6,000 chicks listed in Chickapedia with over 80,000 chick pics. The profiles are listed and search-able either alphabetically or by overall category page. The category pages cover the basics of chickdom. TV, Film, Music, Sports, Fashion, Politics, Business and Misc. Or one could search by body type. Yes I said body type. Shape and form are a search-able thing on the Chickapedia database. Chickapedia has body type details for each of its chicks.

I give it a week before it is totally flooded with the MySpace and FaceBook chicks. Enjoy it before it is spammed to hell and back with the same old "let's hook up some time - E-Mail me here!" MySpace garbage.

Check out the site before it's too late!

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