Monday, October 6, 2008

Making money online

Every time you turn around there is some new web page selling a "Proven way to make Millions on the Web" for just $40 or $60 or a limited time offer of $24 if you order today!!!!!

It's all crap. If those systems worked, would someone need to advertise the sale of the "Proven System" to make money? Have you ever noticed that when you click those links you see someone sitting in an apartment or house with drab surroundings and generally liter about them. They are rarely dressed as if they have real money and one of the biggest tell's is the watch they have on. If it looks like a $10 timex, they probably didn't make a million on the "Proven System" they are trying to sell you. Even if you see a them wearing a Movado I wouldn't be so sure they didn't get it out of a pawn shop with no "guts".

I make some of my money on line. I do well. I haven't made a million off of my work and I probably never will. Well, if you counted all of my earnings from day one it might total a half million or at least close to it. With that thought in mind I have been working on the internet for over 8 years now. If we divide a half a million by 8 we get $62,500 a year. It's not a fortune, but it's a living.

Keep in mind that's not every year either. There are ups and downs. Market trends and more. It is a science of sorts. There are those who profess that they can teach you the "secrets" of this and it will take all of 15 minutes. Just click here and pay and then you too can make you stake on the Internet gold mine! Don't fall for it. Check them out and look at there sites but don't fall prey to the scams. Some of the info they didn't know they had is right there on the site. They don't know that the best part of what they have is free on the website. That's because they don't have the knowledge they are trying to sell to you. They bought it from some other website.

I have spent years looking at different programs and joining into different advertising systems. Many of them have worked out well for me and I still use a few of them as my standard money makers. I have a few I have dropped totally as they were worthless and more of a waste of space.


This is one of the ones I will never let go of. It is balanced and clean. Flexible and more or less a good monetary generator. I have this system among others on all of my web sites and on all of my blog's. Don't think of clicking your own ads in your AdSense banners or blocks. You will get banned quickly. It's not worth watching all of your hard work get flushed away because you got greedy. It takes time to build an income with any system.


WidgetBucks claims to be the ultimate AdSense alternative. It inserts 'dynamic' ads that cycle through several products in real-time, while displaying those products "Ratings", descriptions and "best prices." Widgetbucks created a stir with its aggressive advertising campaign, and promise of high click payoffs. With WidgetBucks, your income structure is based on pay-per-click, where you are paid for each click made on an ad by a legitimate website visitor. You do not earn anything for conversions, or products sold as a result of those clicks. Also, don't even think of clicking your own ads. The core of Widgetbucks ads is that they dynamically cycle through a list of products, rather than showing a static ad that only changes with a page refresh. Widgetbucks ad code uses Javascript snippet's to call up Flash-based ads. At the end of the day Widgetbucks is perhaps one of the easiest publisher programs to use.
Earn $$ with WidgetBucks


Kontera’s ContentLink is a double underlined contextually relevant keyword on a web page that upon mouse-over opens a small bubble like box that displays and links to an ad from one of Kontera’s advertisers. Kontera’s ContentLink can be a nice source of additional revenue along with AdSense and any other advertising programs you use, without taking any extra space on your web page. This is a huge value as you don't have to sacrifice any more page space to the ads themselves. Instead you can devote more space to making a web page work for you and be attractive to the visitor. ContentLink is one of my biggest earners and it has not affected my AdSense CTR so far. Kontera works best with web sites that have a lot of textual content and traffic. They do have a requirement of 500,000 pageviews per month. However even smaller sites should apply. The more pages your visitors view, the higher chance of them to view and click an ad. The only draw back is the appearance of the Double Underlined text. If there are too many of them per page it tends to look spamish.
I am starting my experimental phase with Kontera. Depending on the control I may or may not have with the system and the overall ability to keep it from appearing as if random spam I may or may not keep the system long. I will let you know how it works out.


LinkShare is a provider of affiliate marketing solutions which enable online merchants to offer commission for sales driven by other websites, called affiliates. LinkShare provides the technology for a merchant like Dell to partner with and track transactions originated by affiliated websites. The LinkShare network of merchants and affiliates make it easy for both parties to locate and partner with each other. They work and blend well as you can choose your advertising partners and products to be displayed as well as placement. Many of the advertisers run "stores" which can simply be attached to your site with a few lines of code. If you want to run a web store and don't have a large budget to lay out and buy into the dealer programs out there, this might be the alternative for you.

Commission Junction:

Much like LinkShare they handle affiliate based advertising. This is one of the programs I dropped after a few months. OK it took me about 2 years to drop them. My payments slowed to a trickle. Most of the advertisers I was working with left the program. I decided that was enough. They had to go.

I have also worked with several other systems and programs - I will review those later. But for the most part they were in effective and really were more of a waste of time and effort.

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